Hi, I’m Elizabeth Victoria!

While I may look like your average person, on the inside I’m much more of a punk with purple hair and full sleeve tattoos. I had a tongue piercing when I was younger but that’s as far as I got.

Equality is immensely important to me. I believe everyone should be treated with the same dignity and respect regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or social class.

Nature is my religion. The waterfalls in Iceland, the Swiss Alps, California’s red woods, the NaPali Coast in Kauai – these places are where I find peace and inspiration.

I believe laughing can cure almost anything. Early on in life, I found that joking about something sad helped me to cope. Without comedy I’d be an inconsolable blob of tears and snot.

I love animals, sometimes more than people. If animals got married and they chose me as their wedding photographer, my life would be complete.

I graduated in 2008 from California State University Channel Islands with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography & Digital Media. I’ve spoken on a panel in New York on how to succeed in photography and have been featured in numerous publications.

Look where my photos have been featured!

Still curious about me?

• Three words that describe me: honest, funny, analytical
• Favorite activities: traveling, tennis, rock climbing, snowboarding, bike riding, backpacking, hang gliding
• Languages: English, American Sign Language (ASL), & currently learning Italian
• Musical instruments: recently started taking piano lessons & would love to learn how to play the violin
• Favorite type of book: mysteries, one of my favorites is Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Series
• Coffee or tea: coffee – specifically mochas or cappuccinos with beautiful latte art
• What cause is important to me: animal rescue – I’m a volunteer dog walker at a shelter, & also photograph rescue dogs to help find them homes
• Favorite places: Switzerland, Iceland, New Zealand, & Alaska (I’m super fortunate to have traveled to almost 20 countries)
• Someone who inspires me: the Dalai Lama
• Dogs or cats: dogs – I have a little yorkie named Squishy, & hoping to get her a big, little brother soon
• If I had a warning label, mine would say: unfiltered
• Favorite season: Fall – love the way the air smells & the anticipation of the coming holidays
• Early bird or night owl: night owl – definitely in a better mood, more awake, & more motivated in the evening

Now I’m curious about you!

I’m sure you’re super excited about your wedding and I’m just as excited to talk to you and hear all about your plans! Contact me so we can get this party started!