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Favorite Things – Travel

It’s Friday so here’s another Favorite Things – Travel! I love getting out of my bubble and exploring the world. My favorite areas tend to be where the nature is breathtaking, but visiting unique and fun cities can be pretty amazing. I’ve been super lucky and have traveled to over 20 countries.

Walking through the canals in Venice was like a time warp. Amsterdam had such a cool vibe to it. I loved how so many people traveled the city on bikes. They had entire parking structures dedicated to the two wheeled vehicles. Some of my absolute favorite adventure was backpacking through Iceland and Switzerland. Looking up at the sheer cliffs and the green rolling hills of Swiss Alps is a memory I hope to never forget. When we went to Iceland, we were there for summer solstice. That was such a unique experience to stay in a world that doesn’t darken.

This year I’m planning a trip Poland with my boyfriend, and hopefully a couple of the surrounding countries. My best friend lives in Prague, so I’m sure I’ll probably go there again. I’ll be backpacking Havasupai Falls in a month with several friends. My boyfriend just booked a backpacking trip for us on Santa Rosa Island, which is a part of the Channel Islands National Park. We’ll also be going camping at Yosemite National Park sometime this summer.

I really love traveling!

Last couple of years I was living on the east coast in Pittsburgh. I had to travel with all my camera gear back and forth from there to California. I also photographed a destination wedding in the Riviera Maya. Are you planning a destination wedding? Get in touch, I’d love to work with you, and depending on the location, the travel cost may be included in your wedding.

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