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5 Honeymoon & 5 Minimoon Destinations

Here’s a list of 5 great honeymoon and 5 perfect minimoon destinations to consider. Now that the wedding is over, it’s time to relax, kick your feet up, and let loose! Pricing will vary greatly between the options, but this will help give you a starting place, that’s a little more sophisticated than just throwing a dart at the map.

One thing you’ll want to do before you get started is make sure you have a current passport. There’s lots of amazing places to go in the US, but there’s also a whole lot of places outside. This world is big. Explore it!

    1. Riviera Maya – With so many all-inclusives, many that cater to newlyweds, going to Mexico for your honeymoon is a no-brainer. They have a ton of couples only resorts that are stretched out on gorgeous white sand beaches. A couple of my favorites (and one I’m currently staying at) are: Unico Hotel 20º87º, and several of the Palace Resorts.
    2. Hawaii – This is another fairly obvious choice, and rightfully so! Hawaii is beautiful and has so many varied places to go while enjoying the relaxation of the island lifestyle. Pro tip – don’t just go to Oahu! Check out the other islands, Molokai is awesome! It’s very private and you feel like you have the entire island to yourself!
    3. The Caribbean – Jamaica, St Lucia, Antigua, there are so many islands in the Caribbean. The gorgeous, crystal clear waters, and the beautiful resorts make the Caribbean a frequent choice for newlyweds.
    4. Europe – Warm air and sea water is great and all, but a European trip is something every American should do if they can! I haven’t been to all of the countries in Europe, but for my very first trip, I hit up Paris, France, Venice, Rome, & Naples, Italy, London, England, and Edinburgh, Scotland. I’d say that was a good start.
    5. Iceland – This country is gaining popularity because it’s amazing, and there’s often some really great travel deals there. I loved Iceland! If you go, make sure you plan to check out Jokulsarlon Glacier. It’s about 5 hours from Reykjavik but well worth the visit!

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Chances are you just dropped a whole lot of money on an extravagant, but utterly fun and amazing wedding. So spending a few more thousand on a honeymoon might have to wait. But you REALLY want to get away, and I don’t blame you! You should definitely get out of town for at least a weekend!

Here’s a list of 5 perfect little mini-moon destinations to go on until you can plan that epic trip you’ve always wanted.

    1. Catalina – Why not go to a much closer and less expensive island? With lots of great little hotels and air bnbs, Catalina can give you that island getaway feel without making you have to getaway too far. And if you go on your birthday, you can get a free ferry ride!
    2. Solvang – It’s only about an hour from Santa Barbara and it feels like you flew to Denmark. Plus there are a ton of tasting rooms and nearby vineyards for wine lovers.
    3. Yosemite – Get in the car, pack some hiking boots, and check out nature. Go camping or stay at the lodge. Either way you’ll feel amazing being surrounded by so much natural beauty.
    4. Big Bear – A bit closer than Yosemite, but still beautiful It’s a great little mountain town that’s only 2 hours or so from LA. Go on a hike, rent a kayak on the lake, or just hang out in town and relax.
    5. Ensenada Cruise – There are lots of super affordable 3 day cruises from Long Beach to Ensenada and back. Cruise ships are perfect little getaways. You get the feel of being at a tropical resort, without having to travel as far, and often for much less money.

I always love using Airbnb when I travel since the choices are almost always so much more unique. Here’s a handy little search window for you to be able to find the perfect stay for your honeymoon or minimoon.

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If you need help planning your honeymoon or minimoon, contact Julia with Two Nights In. She’ll help you plan the perfect trip.

And if you’re still in the wedding planning stages and you need a photographer, or if you’re planning a destination wedding, let me know, I’d love to talk to you!

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