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Emma Wood Engagement Session

About a month ago I first met Stephanie to talk about her wedding, it was just barely two months out before the big day and she was JUST looking for a photographer! Fortunately I still had her date available so we were able to start the planning. About two weeks later I got to meet her fiancĂ©, Bryan. We went to Emma Wood State Beach for their engagement session. It was a lot windier than I was hoping, but they were such troopers, especially Stephanie! Although she looked amazing, she wasn’t dressed particularly warm for the weather, and I also had them traipse through heavy brush, and climb over slippery rocks. She managed it all like a rock star, without a single complaint. And it was definitely completely worth it, I LOOOVE how their pictures came out!

It was really important for Stephanie to get some nice sunset photos. Their wedding is at Lions Park in Carpinteria, and that venue is beautiful, but kinda tucked away beneath the trees, so sunset photos won’t be happening there. Therefore our main chance to capture the sunset was during their engagement session. I don’t know if you realize this, but you can’t really predict when you’ll get a good one. You may suspect it’ll be pretty a few hours before, but a lot can change, and without clouds (which SoCal tends to not have a lot of), really nice sunsets are even less frequent. We got SUPER frikken lucky though. On the evening of their session, we were graced with a beautiful, moody sunset. Stephanie and Bryan looked so gorgeous together, framed within the amazing view.

Here’s my favorites from their Emma Wood engagement session.

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