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Planning a Wedding during Covid-19

How frikken crazy of a year has it been? I don’t think anyone quite anticipated even half of what’s happened so far. When I hear people say “this will go down in history”, I will forever think of everything that occurred in 2020. This year has been crazy stressful for me, and I’m not even the one planning a wedding during Covid-19! Holy crap. The stress of wedding planning can already take its toll, even without adding a pandemic into the mix! I’m sorry. I really am. This is supposed to be one of the happiest events in your life, but the looming shadow of Covid doesn’t help make it feel so bright anymore.

Well, try not to stress too much. There is definitely a silver lining to this experience. Even if it’s just you marrying the love of your life! And that’s a pretty, epic, silver lining too! In this post, I’ll give you some ideas on how to go about planning a wedding during Covid-19, and it’ll hopefully put your mind a little at ease.

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Where to Start Planning a Wedding during Covid-19

With any wedding, regardless of whether or not you’re planning it during a pandemic, you always will need to lock in a date and a venue first. Once you have that squared away you can start booking your other vendors. One thing you should check with your venue is what’s their cancellation or rescheduling policy. Some venues can be really strict with this, and since we have more reason to be cautious than normal, make sure they have a policy that makes you feel comfortable before signing.

Alright, so you got your date and venue, now you need a photographer, and the same thing applies with your photographer. You’ll want to know what the cancellation or rescheduling policy is for every vendor you choose! It’s a common question Lately I’ve had a lot of clients ask me about my rescheduling policy. Now it’s even more important than normal to understand the policies of your vendors. I normally have a rescheduling fee, but because things are up in the air a bit, if any of my clients need to change their date because of Covid-19, then I will waive any rescheduling fees. I know a lot of wedding vendors are offering something similar.

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Should you Move Forward and Reserve your Vendors?

That would be a big, fat YES! I’ve spoken to a lot of brides that are on the fence about continuing planning a wedding during Covid-19, and I completely understand the hesitation. It’s definitely a personal choice that you’ll need to make with your fiancĂ©. If you know you want to have your wedding next year, then the one piece of advice you need to know is to start locking in your vendors now! Out of all of my 2020 weddings, only one hasn’t moved their date to 2021. So now, I’m almost completely booked for 2021 since so many clients postponed till then. I now have extremely limited availability for 2021, and this is the case for EVERY vendor!

If you’re worried you’ll have to change the date later because of Covid-19, as long as your vendor has a policy that allows you to change, there’s really no reason not to book your preferred date as soon as possible!

With all that, if you haven’t reserved a photographer yet and you’d like to chat, reach out and we’ll talk.


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