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Sycamore Canyon Engagement Session

Last week I had an engagement session with Brittney and Richard at Sycamore Canyon in Thousand Oaks. I’m gonna be pretty honest here and tell you that I was kinda worried about this one. Not because of the couple, I knew they’d be great, but because of the weather. I live in the Ventura area and I’m pretty used to a cooler climate. Several of my friends and family will complain about how hot it is in the Thousand Oaks area, and I’m usually wearing pants and a long-sleeved shirt at home. So leading up to Brittney and Richard’s session, I wasn’t even thinking it would be that warm out. I checked the weather a couple of days before and found that it was going to be over 90º!

I have to admit, I get pretty cranky in the heat. And I definitely don’t want to go on a hike if it’s that hot outside. Brittney and Richard’s engagement session was an adventure session, which literally involved a 3 mile hike… in 90º weather. Who’s crazy idea was this anyway?! Well, it all turned out okay after all. It was warm out but didn’t feel as warm as I expected. It was also really nice getting to know Brittney and Richard better, and the trail was beautiful. I saw a buck when I first got there, and we saw tons of rabbits and lizards on the trail, as well as some pretty views.

Brittney and Richard were total troopers. I’m still in shock at how amazing Brittney’s hair managed to look all throughout the hike. She even had it down the whole time. If I did that, my hair would be soaked with sweat. I’m pretty jealous of her ability to look amazing during the entire session!

Check out some of my favorites from their engagement session at Sycamore Canyon.

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Photography | Elizabeth Victoria Photography

Makeup | Infinite Beauty

We got so many amazing pictures during their engagement session. Sycamore Canyon has some beautiful views of Boney Mountain and it made such a pretty backdrop.

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