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With experience comes great knowledge and wisdom. So, who better to get wedding day tips from than real brides?! Being a bride today is a lot different than it was ten years ago. That is why I asked my recent brides what wedding day advice and tips they had to share. And as a Santa Barbara wedding photographer, I completely agree that these tips will make the biggest difference on your big day.

One On One Time

“Schedule some 1:1 time with your partner ❤️”

Everyone gets a little anxious on their wedding day. Whether it is pure eagerness to say your vows, or from all the stress that is surrounding the wedding. However, having a moment to simply breathe and be with your partner can make the world of a difference. Being with one another can soothe those stressors and bring you back into the moment.

A great opportunity to have this one-on-one time is during your wedding photos. Before your ceremony, you can schedule about a half-an-hour to have a first look with each other. In addition, you will also be whisked away for romantic portraits after your ceremony and, time permitting, during golden hour as well. These are times during the day that you can just be yourselves as I capture those candid moments.


Multiple brides mentioned this in their responses, and I agree with their wedding day tips 100%! Be sure to eat throughout your wedding day. Have a protein-dense breakfast to carry you through the day, while enjoying light snacks throughout the rest of the day until dinner. As well as hydrating with something other than cocktails. Fueling your body on your wedding day is important so you are energized enough to have the best day ever!

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No Stress

“Remember that you’re spending money on your special day- enjoy it rather than stressing.”

Wedding planning can be stressful. And unfortunately, that stress can carry over into your wedding day. It is definitely easier said than done, but try your best to enjoy your wedding without stressing. This bride (quoted above) made a great point that you have already spent the money and made the plans, so just enjoy it. Don’t focus on the little things that are not perfect, but instead focus on your relationship with your partner and all the people who came to celebrate you.

Take A Step Back

“Step back from the party and look at everything. It’s going to go by so fast. Take a moment for the bride and groom to see everything. The people, dancing, tables. We did this and I’m so glad!”

As a Santa Barbara wedding photographer, this may be one of my favorite wedding day tips. During your wedding day, I get to step back and photograph it all. I capture your love story, the events of the day, and everything in between. And let me tell you, there is something so special and beautiful about it all. So, step back and take it in! I promise you will feel something magical as you watch everyone you love celebrating your future as a married couple.

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