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The first moments you have together on your wedding day are meant to be filled with emotions and excitement. However, it can be difficult to really embrace that moment when you have all of your guests surrounding you. That’s why as a Santa Barbara wedding photographer I am sharing with you my favorite wedding first look alternatives. Each of these will add a unique twist to your first look and create memories that will last a lifetime!

First Touch

If you are wanting to keep the magic of the first look at the alter, then a first touch is a beautiful alternative. You won’t see each other before the ceremony, but you will still have some time to be with one another. A first touch typically is when the bride and groom stand back to back with a curtain or a door between the two. Then you reach around the barrier to hold hands and have a moment with just the two of you. This can calm any nerves and help you feel connected before the ceremony begins.

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First Read

This is one of the wedding first look alternatives that has really picked up momentum and has become a trend! There are so many ways you can have a first read with your partner. You can have a private first look together accompanied with a first read. Or you can opt to not see each other and have your first read in private or with a first touch. But, what exactly are you reading anyway?

What you choose to read is completely up to you! They can be private vows, letters you wrote to each other the night before, or a sentimental poem. Anything that expresses your love and commitment for each other! This gives you and your sweetheart the opportunity to connect before the ceremony, as well as a sentimental keepsake from your wedding day.

First Prayer

For many couples, a wedding is seen as a sacred day of commitment. If you and your partner share spirituality or faith, then a first prayer may be for you. It is a moment that you can pray together before the wedding ceremony to feel connected and secure. And like many other wedding first look alternatives, this can be done with a first touch or you can opt to see each other before the ceremony.

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First Gifts

If gift-giving is your love language, then this may be the option for you! Giving a gift to share your love and gratitude on your wedding day creates such a one-of-a-kind moment. These gifts can be worn during the wedding, such as a tie or jewelry. Or it can be just a little something that you know they will love! Before your wedding ceremony, you can either meet with your partner or have their gift sent to their room. Either way, the sentiment will be received and I’ll be sure to capture the moment!

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Wedding First Look Alternatives

Your wedding day deserves to have special moments around every corner. And sometimes you have to plan out those moments for yourself. Creating meaningful memories can be as easy as planning out one of these wedding first look alternatives! Which one are you going to incorporate into your big day?

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