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Wedding flatlay (or flat lay) photos are a snapshot of your wedding day in one perfect image. Including the little details such as your rings, florals, and invitations so that you can remember these sentiments for decades to come. As a Santa Barbara wedding photographer, I love providing flatlay images because of how they can transport you back in time to your wedding day! Here is everything you will want to include so your photographer can create a beautiful flat lay showcasing your precious wedding day details.

wedding invitations and envelopes with the wedding ring in a pink box

Wedding Stationery

Your wedding stationery is the perfect place to start with your wedding flatlay photos. After all, your stationery was carefully crafted to represent your wedding style and theme. Keep a copy of your invitations, RSVPs, save-the-dates, and any other stationery you may have sent out! I will use these, along with a few other fun items to document exactly how to announce your wedding. In addition, I will also ask for any other meaningful stationery, such as vow books, letters, or journals.

Groom Wedding Flatlay Photos

As a Santa Barbara wedding photographer, I love grabbing a few detailed shots of the groom’s attire in a flat lay! Over time, these little items could be lost or simply handed down. Having them together in one shot will pay tribute to the groom and his individual style from the wedding day. It also makes for such a beautiful keepsake to share with future generations. These images can have all of the groom’s accessories. Or, you can opt to capture just a few details that matter most to you.

detail shot of grooms wedding attire with brown shoes, a bowtie and blue fabric

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings make for the perfect addition to full flatlay images, but they also deserve to be photographed just on their own! Your wedding ring will never look as good as it does on your wedding day, so it deserves to be documented. And I hate to say it, but you may misplace your wedding ring at some point. By having detailed photos of your wedding ring you can hold onto the beautiful memories from your wedding day, as well as potentially remake your ring if needed!

Bridal Wedding Flatlay Photos

A lot of the bride’s wardrobe details may never be noticed. However, they add meaning to your big day and should be remembered. So before you hide your shoes under your gown and spray on your favorite perfume, let’s snap a few shots! These are little details that a lot of thought went into and ultimately made you feel extra special on your day. And much like the groom’s wedding flatlay photos, these are images that will be treasured for generations.

wedding shoes jewelry and perfume


One of my favorite ways to bring more of your aesthetic into wedding flatlay photos is by adding pieces of your florals. These can be clippings that your florist has included, your bouquet, or any other florals throughout your wedding. Florals offer a fresh and soft contrast to the other details in your flat lays, making the perfect image. In addition, this is a way to add even more of your wedding’s ambiance into these detailed photos.

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