What to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

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Here’s some tips on What to Look for in a Wedding Photographer. One thing I always tell my clients is make sure you actually like your photographer’s personality. Can you picture being friends outside of the wedding experience? If you can, just think how much more happy and comfortable you’ll feel if your photographer seems more like a friend than the paparazzi.

There’s a ton of great photographers out there, but unfortunately you shouldn’t only choose a photographer based on their skill alone. A lot of wedding photographers out there do it more as a hobby or side business, and because it’s not their primary job, some don’t think having insurance or a license is necessary, or even required. Check out the list below so you have a better understanding of what to look for, and what to expect when hiring a photographer for you wedding.

Important Questions to Ask

1. Do they have liability insurance? Hopefully this won’t be needed, but it’s definitely something a professional photographer should have.

2. What equipment are they using and do they bring backups in case something fails? The camera doesn’t make the photographer, but better equipment will help make the photos that much better! Also bringing more than one camera with is a must in case something goes wrong with one of them!

3. How do they backup the images and make sure nothing is lost? I personally use two cards recording twice in my cameras, and when I get home, I upload the images to my computer, and they’re automatically backed up to an external hard drive.

3. What happens if they can’t make it on your wedding? You likely won’t have to worry about this but it’s a good idea to ask. I know multiple other pro photographers that I can call in at the last minute in case of an emergency.

4. How long have they been in business? Are they really inexpensive? Seems too good to be true? Usually an increased price comes with increased experience. For one of the most important days of your lives, you may want to use someone who isn’t just starting out. Inexperience can lead to bad images, missed shots, failed equipment, and all other things you don’t want to think about!

5. What do they require to reserve your wedding date? Do they require a 50% retainer? Full payment? 25%? Is it nonrefundable? Just a signed contract?

6. What is included with your wedding photography? Does it include an album? High res or low res files? Will you get a USB drive or DVD as well? Do you get an online gallery? Any prints or print credits?

7. When can you expect to receive your images? Make sure you know this ahead of time so you won’t be upset when it seems to be taking longer than you want. I guarantee images within 4-5 weeks, some photographers will say 2-3 months. Just make sure you know what to expect.

Make sure that they are trustworthy, responsible, and professional.

8. Do you like their style? Clients always ask me what’s my style. Take a look at their photos. Do the images resonate with you? Do you think they’re pretty? Can you picture yourself in them? If you like the way their photos look, that’s all that matters!

9. Do they have good (or any) reviews on reputable sites, like The Knot, Wedding Wire, Google, or Yelp? Check them out online, do you see any reviews for them? Read the reviews. It’ll help you get a better idea of their personality as well as their quality.

10. Can they recommend other vendors? Have they worked with other vendors that they think would be a good fit? Experienced photographers will  be able to refer you to many that would be a perfect fit for your wedding.

Consider Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

Now that you know what to Look for in a Wedding Photographer, I’d really suggest hiring a wedding coordinator as they have the most experience working directly with other wedding professionals. Wedding planning can be so stressful you’ll want one to help alleviate some of the pressure. Here are some coordinators who are extra awesome, and I love working with them!

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Engaged 2 Be Wed

Events by Fran

Stop and Stare Events

Now that you know what to look for in a wedding photographer, contact me to reserve your wedding date and get the planning started!

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