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Hello! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Elizabeth and I’m an ASL Fluent Wedding Photographer! I’ve basically been fluent in American Sign Language my entire life. I have two Deaf siblings, and my sister is only 2 years younger than me. So when she started learning sign language, she’d teach me along the way. Even though I’m the older sister, she definitely bosses me around when it comes to my signing skills, and she’s a pretty tough teacher! Since I grew up learning sign language, it comes so naturally for me. Sometimes I forget how few people actually know it, and I don’t have to deal with the lack of understanding on a daily basis like most Deaf and Hard of Hearing people do.

I recently met a Deaf bride who was planning her wedding. She was looking for wedding vendors that knew ASL. And she got very little responses from anyone who actually knew sign language. Luckily I saw her post and was able to connect with her and be her wedding photographer. But out of all of her wedding vendors, I think I was the only one who could easily communicate with her and some of her guests. She had a beautiful wedding at The Oaks Club at Valencia last fall.

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My post on Facebook

A couple weeks ago I posted a video on Facebook of me signing to newly engaged Deaf brides. Several people commented at how amazing it was that I could do that. A few more people commented saying that they photographed a Deaf wedding even though they didn’t know sign language, and they were able to communicate just fine. I have no doubt a Deaf person can decipher what a hearing person is trying to say. Deaf and Hard of Hearing people live in a world that does not cater to them. They live in a world where they have to be the ones to understand what the hearing people are trying to tell them. I’m sure any successful communication was because the Deaf person is so used to having to communicate with hearing people, they likely knew what the hearing person meant. But how many hearing people actually understood what the Deaf person meant? Imagine how much more comfortable that Deaf couple would’ve been if the photographer just talked to them in their language?

Check out the video I posted with me signing…

I’d love to be able to connect with more Deaf and Hard of Hearing couples for their weddings. Your wedding is one of the most special days of your lives, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone spoke your language on your wedding day? I know that would be something I would want. Why should Deaf people not be able to have that too?

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If you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and are planning your wedding, or you know someone who is, please send them my info. I’m sure they will appreciate it even more than I will. I’m based in Southern California, but I’m happy to travel wherever needed. I’ve also included a few other wedding and event vendors that are fluent in American Sign Language.

ASL Fluent (or conversational level) Wedding Vendors

Photography | Elizabeth Victoria Photography

Hair & Makeup | Bab Beauty

Bakery | Sweetness Cake Bakery

Videographer | Wilson Weddings

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