couple in front of mountain at malibu creek state park

Malibu Creek State Park Engagement Session

If you’re looking for a place close to Los Angeles but not far from Ventura that has some gorgeous mountain views, and is easily accessible, Malibu Creek State Park is the area to go! Especially if you’re planning your engagement session there!

I haven’t been to Malibu Creek State Park in a long time and the last time I was here I barely remember seeing the mountains looking so grand! It was such a beautiful backdrop to highlight how freakin’ cute Amani and Aaron are together. Now if you read my posts you’ll start seeing a trend where I say how awesome my couples are and how they are always so easy to work with and blah blah blah…. well guess what kids, IT’S TRUE! I either am super lucky and repeatedly get the most amazing clients or I have magic powers and they suddenly become extra amazing and conveniently, VERY photogenic. (I think it’s more likely the former, but I wouldn’t be too upset if it was the latter…)

Anyway, the point being that Amani and Aaron were So. Freakin’. Easy. to work with!!! They were super fun and down-to-earth! Amani’s modeling skills were on point, and Aaron complemented her perfectly! We had so much fun wandering through Malibu Creek State Park for their engagement session. Amani and Aaron’s wedding is next year and I can’t be more excited to be there for them knowing how awesome they are! Take a look for yourselves and see what I mean!

The Pictures

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