man and woman embracing on the rocks at the beach for engagement pictures by Los Angeles wedding photographer

As a Los Angeles wedding photographer, I get my fair share of beach trips to capture your love stories. And Leo Carillo State Beach may just be one of my all time favorites! From the ridged rocks to the calming waves. Everything about this beach embodies what we love most about California’s coast. Megan and Micheal’s Leo Carillo State Beach Engagement Photos were so dreamy, and I can’t wait to share more of them with you!

Leo Carillo State Beach

This stunning state park is situated along Malibu’s coast, with 1.5 miles of beach. The park then extends into the Santa Monica Mountains. Offering beauty no matter the direction you look. In addition, you can explore the tide pools, sea caves, and reefs while visiting. I especially love this beach because of the character it has with a variety of boulders and rocks. These features add so much dimension and interest to your photos while keeping the focus on you.

Megan & Micheal

Getting to know my couples through their engagement session is always the best option! I get to learn more about you, while you get comfortable in front of my camera and get to know me as your Los Angeles wedding photographer. And getting to know Megan and Micheal during our Leo Carillo engagement session was so much fun. Their love for each other is so obvious, it was undeniable. I loved spending time with them and laughing while we captured their cuteness! I am so excited for their wedding next year at Maravilla Gardens!

Leo Carillo State Beach Engagement Photos

Megan and Micheal’s Leo Carillo State Beach engagement photos were absolutely perfect. And a large part of that can be contributed to the lighting. We arrived at the beach in the early evening before the sun began to set, but after the harsh light of the day. In my time working as a Los Angeles wedding photographer I have learned the best time to photograph on the beach, as well as how to work with the direction of the light, wind, and other natural elements that play a big part in the success of your session.

In addition to the beautiful lighting, it was a windy day but it helped to add more movement to their images. Megan and Micheal had fun laughing with each other, holding hands, and exploring the area. There is so much to explore on Leo Carillo State Beach, but we focussed our time around the more secluded north side around the rocks and ridged boulders. By adding height to our session we were able to capture a bit more depth of the ocean in the distance, creating truly timeless images.

In addition to climbing and exploring the sea rocks, Megan and Micheal spent a lot of their time on the shoreline. Walking along the tide and wandering into the shallow waters. As the sun began to set the vivid blue sky turned a soft and romantic blue and pink. Offering me the chance to capture some more intimate moments.

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